Information for english speaking clients

Birgit Elsayed-Glaser

Occupational Therapist since 1992, currently leading the occupational therapy at BBRZ MED Wien, rehabilitation for patients with mental illnesses.

Occupational Therapy for people with mental illnesses to

  • Support and assistance in mastering daily life chores
  • Support and assistance in returning to a career after a period of absence
  • Foster cognitive abilities
  • Foster self-awareness and self-efficacy
  • Foster creative potential
  • Foster the capacity to act on one´s own account


  • Individual Therapy, 50’
  • Possibility of meeting in the praxis or outside/at home

Therapeutic means:

  • Talking about daily life problems /work situations
  • Developing structures for housekeeping or work situations
  • Discover and act on one`s own needs
  • Creative work with materials

What you need to start:

Occupational Therapists are only allowed to work on doctor`s orders, so you need

  • A medical referral from your psychiatrist for Occupational Therapy (please bring a copy with you)
  • If you want to receive a refund from your health insurance, please contact them to find out if an approval of the senior medical official is necessary